The Living & Collective Nutrition Program is a macro-based program focused on your specific goals. We will teach you how to track your food & your macros which will guide you toward your health & fitness goals in a way that is successful & sustainable. We believe that having a flexible & simple nutrition plan is the key to being the healthiest version of yourself all while having freedom from restrictions. 

What is Included in Our Program

The tools to our program are what make it so unique. We want to provide you with everything you will need to set you up for success & to live your best life!

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One on One

You will be paired with one of our coaches to receive individual attention, and customized nutrition programming. We want to provide the support & accountability you will need to  help you reach your goals.




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Personalized Nutrition Plan

We believe that one size doesn't fit all, & will create a nutrition plan for you that works with your body, your goals & your lifestyle. We will use your personal feedback  to listen to your body's needs & will modify your plan to help you feel your very best.

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Working Together in Community

We believe that there is nothing more powerful than having a tribe of women who believe in you & walk with you, especially on your health & fitness journey. We will invite you into our private L&C Nutrition Community Facebook Group. 

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Weekly Workout Programs

Each week we will send you workouts that are fun, simple to do & convenient to use either at home or at the gym. These workouts will get your heart rate up & leave you feeling great, with a stronger body & mind.