The Living & Collective Podcast Ep. 22 - Fueling Healthy Kids- Part One

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This week on the Living & Collective podcast, Lacey & Christy dive into what it looks like to feed healthy kids in the real world. We discuss food quality & quantity, explain some of the labeling & lingo out there & help encourage you to keep things real, do your best & let go of the idea of perfection. It takes a village, so make sure you share with us your favorite tips & tricks! XO & thank you for joining us!

The Living & Collective Podcast Ep. 18 - Alcohol & Your Health & Fitness Goals

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Hey ladies! Raise your glass & join us for this week's episode of the Living & Collective Podcast. This week we are discussing the truth about Alcohol. Even though Alcohol is the norm, we are debunking the myths of what it does to our bodies & what it looks like to have a healthy relationship with alcohol. Join us!

Links from the show:

A Happier Hour by Rebecca Weller

The Living & Collective Podcast Ep. 17 - Winning Your Mornings

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This week on the Living & Collective podcast, Lacey & Christy teach you how to set your morning up for success. From healthy breakfast ideas, to simple habits & routines to get you going in the right direction, this episode is packed with easy ways to win your mornings & improve your life!

Links from the show:

Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

Egg Muffins

Lacey's Smoothie Recipe

Erin Condren Gratitude Journal

How Gratitude Changes You & Your Brain

Just in case you were wondering how hot Fall in TX is, here’s a great editorial by Kristin Armstrong!

The Living & Collective Podcast Ep. 15: Conquering Your Weeknights

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This week's episode of the Living & Collective podcast is a good one! We are sharing 5 ways to maximize your weeknights & keep you from getting lost in the overwhelm. In this episode we’ll share how to:

1. Plan your week

2. Prep your meals

3. Be present & in the moment

4. Put all of the above together, &

5. Protect your "me time" to find Peace.

These practices can change your weeknights from chaotic to intentional & beautiful. We are so excited for you to join us!

Links from the show:

Dinner a Love Story Cookbook

Conquering Your Weeknights Free PDF. h

The Living & Collective Podcast Episode 14: The Living & Collective Nutrition Coaching Program

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We have LAUNCHED our nutrition coaching program this week & are so excited to get to finally share it with you. In this episode we take a minute to share from our hearts how we came together to nutrition coach, what are program entails, & some of the ways we can help you! Even if you're not interested in coaching, this is a great episode to learn more about macros, tracking, & nourishing your body!

We share our own stories of how we began tracking macros, & we share why we're passionate about macros. While they're not for everyone, we believe they are an amazing tool to help you nourish your body & reach your goals. Listen & let us know what you think! XO, L&C

The Living & Collective Podcast Episode 12: Back To The Basics: 5 Nutrition Tips with Paula Hernandez, RD

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This week on the Living & Collective Podcast, Christy joins her friend Paula Hernandez, RD on the pier at Malibu Farms to talk about getting back to the Basics of Nutrition. 

Paula is a Registered Dietician, and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics with a Master of Education in Counseling. With the abundance of “nutrition information” out there it can be very confusing to sift through the noise & find healthy & sustainable practices when it comes to eating & nutrition. 

Paula gives us 5 easy ways to get back to the basics to nourish our bodies, our hearts & minds, & guide us toward a healthy lifestyle. Paula is the owner of Ola Nutrition, She lives in Los Angeles with her husband & daughter & loves staying active, & running with the Oiselle Running Group (


The Living & Collective Podcast Episode 11: Becoming a GOAL Getter with Whitney & Lindsay from The Beau Collective, Park City

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Lacey sits down this week with her favorite Park City fitness and fun gurus, Lindsay Cunningham and Whitney Kozlowski. They have been motivating women all around Park City, starting with a Power Hour for new moms. The Beau Co was opened in 2015 in an old barn and combines fitness, community, and happy hour.  They just got voted Park City's Best Fitness Center. 

Whitney and Lindsay share their goals with us and the importance of having people in your life who build you up and are your Goal Tenders! They are they ultimate motivators with the best attitudes you could even imagine. Their balance between fitness and play will inspire you to live a little more freely and work a little bit harder. 

Read more of the Beau Collective!


The Living & Collective Podcast Episode 10: Having a Healthy & Fun Relationship with Exercise with Madeleine Saxe

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In this episode Christy has the privilege of talking to Madeleine Saxe, M.A., LMFT, a licensed marriage & family therapist in Santa Monica, California. 

Madeleine is an amazing, strong woman who started her movement & exercise journey as a serious dancer in New York City & has grown & changed & fallen in love with her healthy lifestyle in Southern California. She has so much to share with us on finding a healthy & fun relationship with exercise.

Madeleine shares from her own personal experience of over-exercising & recovery to now living in a beautiful relationship with exercise that brings her joy, confidence, friendships, fun & happiness.

She currently works out at F45, here in Venice Beach.

We are so excited to have you join her & Christy in this episode. Please feel free to email Madeleine with any questions you may have or reach out to her in any way!

Madeleine's Practice in Santa Monica.
Madeleine's Professional Profile

Madeleine's email:


The Living & Collective Podcast Episode 9: 5 Ways to Cultivate a Healthy Body Image with Holly Fregin

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This week on the Living & Collective Podcast we are so excited & grateful to have Holly Fregin back with us. Holly is an amazing, strong woman, eating disorder survivor, mother of three, wife to her high school sweetheart & has her Masters in Mental Health Counseling.

This week she'll be sharing with us 5 easy ways we can cultivate a healthy body image & motivate ourselves from a place of love & confidence toward our health & fitness goals. Enjoy & let us know what you think! XO


The Living & Collective Podcast Episode 8: Finding Food Freedom with Holly Fregin

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In this episode we are talking about FREEDOM in your health & fitness goals with Holly Fregin, Christy's sister. Holly is an amazing strong woman, an eating disorder survivor, & an advocate for healthy body image, with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling in South Florida. We are so excited to have her on the show & know you will love hearing her story & learning some of her tips for staying free in your mind & heart while pursuing your health & fitness goals!


The Living & Collective Podcast Episode 7: How Do I Eat Healthy?

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Hey Ladies!!
This week we are diving into the basics of healthy eating. There are so many "ways" to eat out there that it can get super confusing, so today we are talking about our favorite ways to simplify our nutrition to nourish our bodies & feel our very best!

Links from this episode:

Dr. Kelly Brogan's Book; A Mind Of Your Own: The Truth About Depression & How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives

Johnson's Backyard Garden- Organic CSA in Austin

Instant Pot Chicken & Lentil Soup

Your Body is Not Your Masterpiece Article

The Living & Collective Podcast Episode 4: Meal Planning & Prepping

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In this week's episode, we are talking about simplifying your life in the kitchen & beyond & being prepared so that you can stay on track & feel your best! We will teach you how to invest just a little time in planning, how to navigate the grocery store & how to get your kitchen ready for meals for you & your family. Join us as we share our favorite tips & tricks!

Links from this Episode:

Living & Collective Meal Planning Template with Shopping List

Veggie Spiralizer

Instant Pot

Butcher Box

Portable "To-Go" Meal Containers

Sheet Plan Fajitas

Thai Noodle Salad Recipe

Bundt Pan Roasted Chicken and Peppers

Don't forget to keep it simple! *Please note that our amazon links lead to our affiliate page, thank you so much! XO

The Living & Collective Podcast Episode 3: L&C Travel Tips

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Summer is here & we are ready to travel! This episode is all about our favorite travel hacks & how to stay healthy & feel awesome even while you're on vacation.

Join us as we talk about our favorite snacks, how to structure vacation days & our favorite things to pack... hang in there during part 2, we are still working out some technical issues(!!), but we are learning as we go & promise to keep on improving for you...we hope you enjoy what you can hear!!

Links from this episode:
Favorite Travel Water Bottle-Swell

Vital Proteins Collagen Travel Packs

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Travel Packs

Chomps Snack Sticks

Epic Bars

RX Bars

Yes, there IS a Hazelnut RX Bar!!!

Pack-It Freezable Lunchbox

Link to our Free Vacation Workout PDF

*Please note all amazon links are from our affiliate page, thanks! xo