The Living & Collective Podcast Episode 3: L&C Travel Tips

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Summer is here & we are ready to travel! This episode is all about our favorite travel hacks & how to stay healthy & feel awesome even while you're on vacation.

Join us as we talk about our favorite snacks, how to structure vacation days & our favorite things to pack... hang in there during part 2, we are still working out some technical issues(!!), but we are learning as we go & promise to keep on improving for you...we hope you enjoy what you can hear!!

Links from this episode:
Favorite Travel Water Bottle-Swell

Vital Proteins Collagen Travel Packs

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Travel Packs

Chomps Snack Sticks

Epic Bars

RX Bars

Yes, there IS a Hazelnut RX Bar!!!

Pack-It Freezable Lunchbox

Link to our Free Vacation Workout PDF

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