The Living & Collective Podcast Episode 12: Back To The Basics: 5 Nutrition Tips with Paula Hernandez, RD

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This week on the Living & Collective Podcast, Christy joins her friend Paula Hernandez, RD on the pier at Malibu Farms to talk about getting back to the Basics of Nutrition. 

Paula is a Registered Dietician, and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics with a Master of Education in Counseling. With the abundance of “nutrition information” out there it can be very confusing to sift through the noise & find healthy & sustainable practices when it comes to eating & nutrition. 

Paula gives us 5 easy ways to get back to the basics to nourish our bodies, our hearts & minds, & guide us toward a healthy lifestyle. Paula is the owner of Ola Nutrition, She lives in Los Angeles with her husband & daughter & loves staying active, & running with the Oiselle Running Group (