Workout #7


Do you tabata??!! We absolutely LOVE tabata workouts especially in the summer on the go. A true tabata workout includes 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work & 10 seconds of rest (= 4 minutes) for each movement. So in this workout you would start with 8 rounds of squats. If that sounds easy, we encourage you to try your best to keep the same number of reps all 8 rounds for each movement!! If you're new to tabata, an equally amazing workout would be pairing two movements in your 8 rounds, so for this one do 20 seconds of squats/20 seconds of plank, for a total of 4 Rounds for each movement=8 Rounds total, and then move on to lunges + pushups. If you can end this workout with 8 sprints, you will be crushing it! This workout is from our free summer workout PDF we'd love for you to have! XO, L&C